BRW incorporates three-part harmony with a high-energy performance that is reminiscent of such legendary groups as the O'Jays, Temptations and Boys II Men performing live with a five piece backup band. They can even add female vocalists and a horn section for that extra something.
"BRW was FABULOUS! I was nervous at first about not having a play list to choose from, but you were right. They are great at picking out the songs the crowd wants to hear. Everyone has been raving about them since I got back from my honeymoon."
Jennifer Scanlon, Wedding Reception

"Everything was awesome! It was definitely the best formal we've had since I've been here and that is all thanks to the band!"
Cotter Rountree, LSU Kappa Sigma Fraternity Formal

"They were incredible. One of the highlights of our dream wedding. I thanked them repeatedly and didn't feel like it was enough. It was not a wedding reception - it was a party from start to finish, the dance floor was smoking. Thanks for everything. I only plan on being married once, but if I ever have another event where I need a band (regardless of where it is in the world) I'll be hiring BRW."
Beau Barkerding, Wedding Reception