New Breed Brass Band lives and breathes the culture of New Orleans, infusing Funk, Rock, Jazz and Hip-Hop into a custom-made enhancement of second line brass band tradition. "That's what we came up under," says snare-drummer Jenard Andrews of second line bands like the Rebirth, Dirty Dozen and Lil' Rascals Brass Bands. "Now we're trying to take that sound and bring in some new stuff and expand it. We bring outside influences like Earth Wind and Fire and Brass Construction, trying to interprete a different song for every genre, and make it all our own sound." Honing their childhood experiences playing music with their families, and on through high school marching bands and concert enesembles, the nine members of New Breed are united to one cause: rocking each show and entertaining audiences to the maximum degree possible. The band's strong desire to be the next heavyweight contender among internationally known New Orleans Brass Bands.